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  • Dth Drilling Rig
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  • Drilling Dth Hammer
  • Drilling Dth Bits

    • 4''-6'' High Air Pressure DTH Bits

    • Descriptions:
    • high quality materials | low operating cost

    • High air pressure dth drill bits have powerful drilling capacity, great reliabiltiy and low operating cost. Advanced prodction techologies and skillful design, as well as high quality materials result in good performance, long service life, ......


    • CIR Series Low Air Pressure DTH Bits

    • Descriptions:
    • tungsten carbide and steel Bits | drilling rig bits

    • DTH bits are made of tungsten carbide and steel. Our DTH hammer bit adopts superior material to manufacture, they can be suitable for kinds of rocks and widely used in ore mining and water well drilling to mine hard rocks.......


    • Russia Type Air Pressure DTH Bits

    • Descriptions:
    • Down the hole drilling bits | match with Russia DTH Hammer

    • (1) Made from premium quality nickel-alloy steel 25SiMnCrNi2MoVA for increased durability and wear characteristics, and YK 05 tungsten carbide as same grade as internationally well-known brand., ......




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